Creating a motivational team environment where people feel trusted, valued, respected and connected.


    What is your aspirational reason for being? What inspires and guides your decision, choices, or behaviours? What are your deepest convictions and how do they shape your mindset, behaviour, and actions?


    What is my internal compass for making decisions? How do I judge what is right or wrong? What behaviours are important to me? And how do I want to demonstrate them? The top sportspeople and leaders have a very strong sense of who they are and what they stand for. They are true to themselves, regardless of the situation. A value that is very strong in most leaders is honesty. They speak openly about what was done well and what was not delivered on, and why. Sometimes we can get caught up in making plans, to-do lists and goals, but we should not overlook the question: who do I want to become?


    What do I excel at? What can I do that adds real value to the team I am in or the customer I am dealing with? What are my character strengths and how do I leverage them to find meaning and flow in my experiences?


    What are the personal and professional goals I set for my life? How do I rate and review my performance against these set goals? What are my habits and routines that enable my progress? What are the obstacles that inhibit my progress?


    What are the habits and routines that allow us to think, feel and act at our best? What are the activities, environments or situations that enable me to be at my best? What affects my mood and energy on a daily or weekly basis? How do I train, recover and replenish my mind, body, and spirit?